Align . Love . Live


March 20th-25th, 2024

Align your body to your soul!
Love your embodied experience!
Live joyfully in your Body!

this is it!

This is a lifetime opportunity to dive deep into wellness and self care.

In this 4 day retreat:

  • Immersion into Foundation Training
  • Redefine your life without pain and have joy
  • Fresh local juices and organic food
  • Elegant Space and Lodging
  • Breathwork to ignite the “Body Electric”.
  • Meditation to build focus
  • Deeply relaxing and healing
  • And so much more.

This is an opportunity to up-level your health and vitality for the rest of your life.

This is a workshop to study your bodies’ mechanical genius and learn how to properly operate it ( as it is meant) for long lasting strength, support and energy.

This is a deep dive into knowing our own unique posture and what posture actually is.

During this workshop you will learn to align your energy centers to unblock old stuck energy and emotion. Together we will be doing heart and brain meditations to further connect with our souls and practice the electric-body-breathwork to illuminate our whole human being.

Foundation Training literally changes how your brain processes information, you become more efficient, adept & confident. And it is just darn fun to do.

Not only will you be focused on alignment of your posture, wellbeing and spirit…

You will also have plenty of relaxing time on beautiful beaches, swimming in the soothing waters, eating vibrant local foods and soaking up the healing sun and nature of the island itself.

C.F.F, PhD

“Foundation Training with Brooke has been life giving for me. After months of severe sciatica and low back pain and after working with multiple PTs, I worked with Brooke for several sessions and saw immediate results.

Foundation Training has given me a whole new way to think about my posture and set myself up for daily pain-free living. Brooke is pragmatic in her approach to each person and each issue. I am grateful that she was recommended to me and would recommend her to anyone!”

What to expect:

  • 3 days movement posture strength building, healing pain.
  • Heart meditation, breath work.
  • 1 adventure day organized group outing
  • Learning power of aligning energy centers, vagus nerve, opening your awareness.
  • Becoming a homo-lumen “Illuminated Human”
  • Learn to feel and heal your pain patterns.
  • Understand through aligning your physical body you also align your  soul with source/spirit energy.

Leave with a practical set of tools use when you feel misalignment. 

Leave feeling like you just came out of the body shop with a shiny new rig to drive, and know how to keep it new.


What’s included:

Monique M.

“Brooke, I have enjoyed your movement practice through and through. I felt a difference from the first class. I felt better aligned to more balanced and safe in my body.

Your cues are encouraging and helpful. You have a true talent for making hard work fun! With your easygoing yet direct instructions and visual phrases. After a class I feel stronger and more confident. Thank you for your dedication, love and support! You are the best!”


Dates March 20-25th, 2024

How to get here:

Fly into Lihue airport.
We can offer a pickup ride to your location in Princeville.

Schedule of Events

March 20 | Check in:

Evening check in to the condo and settle in for a meet and greet at the Pool.

March 21 | Workshop Day 1:

   9am shared breakfast time
   10am begin workshop
   11:30am short break
   1pm Lunch
   2pm-4:30pm workshop

March 22 | Workshop Day 2:

   9am shared breakfast time
   10am begin workshop
   11:30am short break
   1pm Lunch
   2pm-4:30pm workshop

March 23 | Adventure Day:

   Join the group adventure (add-on announced soon) for a kayak or hike

   adventure or go explore the island on your own!

March 24 | Workshop Day 3:

   9am shared breakfast time
   10am begin workshop
   11:30am short break
   1pm Lunch
   2pm-4:30pm workshop

March 25 | Checkout Day

  Breakfast & checkout

If you want to stay longer we can share a link to book the place we are staying… Or feel free to move around the islands as desired!

About the location:

The location of our retreat is at a spacious condo nestled in Princeville on the north end of the Island.

We will hold the 3 days of workshop at the condo, and those who book the full package will stay here. The condo has AC, a pool, hot-tub, full kitchen, outdoor BBQ area and a large wrap-around porch.


There are a few beaches within walking distance and gorgeous cliffs with an endless horizon view of the pacific ocean.

It is just a short drive to the town of Hanalei where you can languish all day at the shore and enjoy restaurants and music in the evenings.




Botanical garden

Hanalei Bay

Queens bath

pool at the condo

What clients are saying:

Jennifer D.

Brooke empowered me to be able to transform pain into energy. She helped me with targeted micro adjustments, breathing techniques, and encouragement. I would highly recommend engaging with her.

Chris H. of Bellingham

“I think it was a very good workshop, definitely focused on those areas most of us have. (It sure would be good training to have had at a younger age, that’s for sure!) I believe that concentrating on those basic poses and moves that we did for four hours was most beneficial.

I enjoyed getting away from the usual “weekend life” for a few hours, learning about my body and how its movement can be improved. Life moves so quickly these days. It takes total concentration to make my body move in different ways that are better for it. I’m looking forward to working with the information in the PDF and making sure I listen more to my body and what it’s doing. This was a great class for this!”

Kathy A. of Bellingham

“Brooke has such contagious enthusiasm about sharing proper posture and bio-mechanics and how to achieve them in your daily life. She is very knowledgeable and, most importantly, when you are done, your body doesn’t hurt; you are more grounded; and you move more gracefully.”


“I highly recommend Brooke’s classes. She is amazing. Always trying to help your body correct itself so that you feel better.”